Coleman Hughes On Race

1:51 Why Coleman dissents from the racial orthodoxy at Columbia University
7:23 Why is race America’s most radioactive topic?
14:40 Social injustice vs. cosmic injustice
23:26 The allure of racial grievance
35:20 Does the black community need better public policies or just self-help?
41:45 What’s the point of affirmative action these days?
54:43 The case against Columbia’s “Great Books” curriculum

Glenn Loury (Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, Brown University) and Coleman Hughes (Columbia University, Quillette) Recorded June 6, 2018

Protesting Accomplishes What?

20141018_132949Lay on the ground all you want, all you gonna get is your clothes dirty. Get up off the ground and go review the evidence! Try checking the official “what really happened,” ya might get your feelings hurt to find out pookie lied…

And after you get your clothes clean, go into these neighborhoods and witness what the REAL issue is. Education, economics, disenfranchisement, etc. Guess what? Even if you get rid of every so called racist crooked cop in the world the REAL issue will still exist!!