Get A College Degree And Then You Can Cry Injustice

20141126_130903Politically correct posturing in response to being perceived as racist. White folks y’all better be careful or pretty soon everything you do will be tagged as racism by the baiters. If you keep letting them and don’t take a stand at some point eventually even what you don’t do could get you tagged a Klan member…

Black folks stop whining already.

And I don’t mean all black folks. Seems the ones doing the most whining are the ones without college degrees.

And black folks with degrees and jobs and houses in neighborhoods where they say good morning to the police they see every day are identifying less and less with your struggle. Many sit quietly in the background scared you gonna label then Uncle Tom should¬†they voice¬†their “pull your damn pants up and stay in school before you complain about injustice” philosophy.

You think you should be equal with me after all the work I put in to get where I’m at? You wanna get here with a criminal record? Nope, it don’t work that way.

Protest all you want, you still gonna have to fix your life and do some work on self and family and community first.