It’s Not Just Skin Color, That’s Way To Simple An Explanation

20141127_083549It’s not one’s skin color, thats way too simple of an explanation especially for those of us who seemed to have transcended that idea. It takes work and most times a person has to change to become part of the “accepted class.” Hell, I know I did and where I don’t “adjust” I fully accept the consequences. If you feel that everyone and everybody should be welcomed into the accepted class that’s a whole other utopian discussion.

For me, its always been evident: you act, dress, talk, walk, etc this way; you get this education and that training; you are honest, trustworthy (you pay your bills); you don’t break laws or have a criminal record; be relatively personable and hygienic and you will be welcomed into the “accepted class.”
And quite frankly anyone who doesn’t adhere to these unwritten standards and asks to be accepted should not be. In ways it’s disrespectful for someone who did not put in the work that many people have to be positioned somewhat equally based on legislation. And I don’t give a damn how much you protest, you absolutely cannot demand to be allowed into the accepted class. You have to earn your way in, one way or another.