Excerpt: Starbucks and the Swimming Pool – JOHN MCWHORTER

“An episode of All in the Family from 1971 strikingly demonstrates how peculiar our orthodoxy on race has become, despite how familiar—and even scripturally unassailable—it seems now to so many. Remember, 1971 felt just as modern to enlightened sorts as 2018 now feels to their equivalents. The long, hot summers, the assassinations of King, Malcolm X and Robert Kennedy, Jimi Hendrix, “Black Power,” afros, dashikis, and the Panthers were all very much on people’s minds. Selma was recent.”

“And yet—two black burglars break into the Bunkers’ house (played, for the record, by Cleavon Little and Demond Wilson, later of Sanford and Son). Archie inevitably says some racially ignorant things, and “woke” lefty son-in-law Mike intervenes, telling the burglars that they need to understand that Archie doesn’t understand the “underlying social causes” that are making them do what they do. In a moment that now qualifies as almost bizarre, Little responds “Oh, you must be a liberal! And an honest-to-God bigot!””

“What? Mike is reciting “root causes” liturgy and gets called a racist? In a script written by educated, racially aware people? The nut is that the black guys feel condescended to by that explanation. They go on to indulge in a mock dialogue nakedly exaggerating the deprivations they’ve suffered in almost minstrel fashion. What they mean is that Mike’s idea that they have so little ability to cope with the disadvantages they’ve suffered dehumanizes them, makes them cartoon characters, and stupid ones at that. The limitations of the sitcom form—especially 50 years ago—leave unanswered what their justification for their criminality is. However, what they certainly know—and what Norman Lear and his writers wanted us to know—is that black people are not poster children. Or at the very least, the idea was that no black person wants to be treated as one.”

“Things have changed. Today we are to recite faithfully and repetitively the kinds of things Little and Wilson’s characters found condescending, on the pain of being tarred as ignorant and insensitive.”

Explaining Affirmative Action to a Martian – Coleman Hughes


“I found a study by one of your sociologists that works at a place called Princeton. The study found that Asians had to score 450 points higher on the SAT than blacks, and 140 points higher than whites, to have the same odds of being accepted into elite colleges.”

“Racial discrimination is bad, except in cases where the historical context merits it. In those cases, racial discrimination is good.”






There Are Many Black Experiences In America

14355735_10154658998407125_1793096207441756965_nSo who defines what it is to be black in America? Who defines what the black experience is and is this experience monolithic? If I am black but don’t have the prevailing agreed upon experience of oppression, does it mean I’m not really black?

Or does it mean THERE ARE MANY black experiences in this country. And I’ve said before, one day a segment of black folks who sympathize with my experience but who are presently not openly vocal about it are going to start speaking up.

JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK AND I AM TOO DON’T MAKE YOUR EXPERIENCE MINE! We ain’t all the same nor do we have the same perspective or opportunities.

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Modern Day Slavery?

14390778_10154663122882125_6127379658689631462_nIn light of recent events, I guess I should feel guilty eating the white devil’s Friday free pizza. With my brothers under siege how dare I accept a token handout meant to keep from realizing I am nothing but a modern day slave! Just because he breaking me off right and I love what I do in a very professional environment, I am still under the white devils rule in this giant steel tower located downtown of one of the worlds most exciting cities. Just because this so called “employment” affords me a comfy living, health insurance, ability to travel all across the country (did I tell you I went to New Orleans this year?) and the etc, it is still slavery built on the backs of my ancestors! And as soon as I get and finish one more slice I will hang my head in the deepest shame realizing what i have become…

I’ve become full, that’s what I’ve become. A full fool…

A fool for the system! A twisted, callous system that has little regard for the individual and the highest regard for profit and revenue. Imagine a nation of 300 million people based on a capitalistic template where $$ and greed so often corrupt good God fearing men!!